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Restore your home to a healthy, virus-free environment.

FireDEX Butler has the knowledge and experience necessary to eradicate COVID-19 germs from the surfaces of your home should it become exposed to the virus. We’ll dispatch expert technicians to thoroughly disinfect and sanitize your living space to restore it to a healthy and safe environment for your and your family.

With more people staying at home, individual spaces and personal items are getting heavier use. In addition to kitchens, bedrooms and family rooms, we advise homeowners to disinfect overlooked areas like a workshop, laundry room, storage room, garage, and things like gym equipment and electronics.

Please note, no restoration company can guarantee 100% eradication of the COVID-19 virus or prevent the property’s re-infection. We are currently following best practices and protocols as recommended by federal, state, and local authorities.

COVID-19 Disinfection

Before we arrive

Homeowners should remove any existing dirt and dust from all contaminated areas so that our disinfecting spray can directly contact each surface.  This helps to ensure that the decontamination process is effective.

Our process

Our expert technicians will typically use a high-volume sprayer to disperse a mist of the EPA-approved disinfectant throughout your home and allow it to air dry. In some cases, an electrostatic sprayer will be utilized which will deliver an electric charge to the disinfectant to help the minuscule droplets adhere to surfaces more effectively. The chemical is allowed to remain on surfaces for the product’s recommended time before it is wiped off. Technicians may also deploy air scrubbers, which have filters that remove particulate matter from the air.

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