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Yes – this is our specialty. If you need water extraction or emergency water restoration right away,
call us at 724-452-7400.

Contact your insurance agency, find a safe place to stay, plan finances, create a list of damaged items, and contact the fire department/police.

Yes – we have professionally trained experts and certified teams on call 24/7.

Our top priority is making sure your possessions are secure. Everything that is salvageable is transferred to our climate-controlled facility where clothes, furniture, and carpets are dry cleaned. We also dry documents, restore personal photos, and clean electronics.

Yes – we provide everything needed to extract water and dehumidify to prevent mold and mildew growth after a flood.

It’s best to let the professionals at FireDEX Butler take care of your business or home to ensure there will be no mildew and mold growth.

Yes – we dehumidify the residence with the necessary equipment. After everything is done to get rid of the mold, we test the air to check that no mold was left behind.

Yes – we board up walls and secure the roof, if needed.

Western Pennsylvania.

At FireDEX Butler we restore your property as quickly as we can while providing you with a sense of relief during the process. We hold many certifications to ease the customer’s mind that we know what we are doing.

Signs include water stains, discoloration on the walls, floors, or ceilings.

We take care of all things damaged by fire and smoke. We are at your service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Our professional, friendly, and caring staff will take care of you and your belongings every step of the way.

First, the building is secured by boarding what is necessary. We take care of your belongings by sending them to our climate-controlled facility to be salvaged. Additionally, we will work with your insurance company. Our fire damage experts work quickly to restore your property and help get your life back together.

Yes – we use special equipment and chemicals to remove the smoke instead of masking the smell.

Yes – we will secure your property within the hour of receiving the call by boarding up or tarping the property.

If you’ve decided you want to remodel your house while the restoration team is there then you must know it will not be included in the contract total or covered by insurance.

We will work in conjunction with your insurance company to save you time and stress, and ensure that the claim is handled properly.

In some cases, payment from the insurance company will be made directly to us. In other cases, you will receive the payment and you will simply forward the payment to FireDEX Butler.

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